Effective Verbal Communication Skills for Professionals (with Workbook): Rise Up!

Brief Description:

Learn how to communicate concisely so you sound more credible, and make an engaging dialogue rather than a boring one.

About this course:

In this class, you'll learn the fundamentals of Effective Verbal Communication Skills for Professionals! 

Effective Verbal Communication is consistently ranked as a Top 10 Communication Skill that employers and hiring managers want their people to have. It's the foundation of many other skills.

There's also a 30-page downloadable workbook to help you stay on track! 

In the class, you'll learn the following:

  • How to communicate concisely so you sound more credible
  • How to make your communication an engaging dialogue, rather than a boring monologue
  • How to use clear main points to make sure listeners follow your message easily
  • How to translate needlessly complex language into words that are easily understandable
  • How to clean up common distracting verbal habits: "Powerful" vs. "Powerless" language.

The class is designed for employee-level professionals (team members, individual contributors, etc.).  

The lessons take a hands-on, practical approach, and provide lots of examples and illustrations. Each lesson wraps up with a practical application step.

The class is also designed so that you can go through it as an individual or with a group or team.

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