My Testimony

Before I became a Christian in my mid-twenties, I looked normal on the outside but I was falling apart internally. I was very tied up in accomplishing goals and trying to earn love and acceptance by being “successful.” I became an increasingly anxious person because to me the thought of failure meant the loss of love and acceptance of others. That's the way I processed my life. Despite having lots of friends, I felt alone in the universe. My mistakes were also piling up and I was haunted by thoughts about how I'd hurt people along the way.
Fortunately, a friend invited me to Church. I admit, I only agreed to go because she was attractive. Still, I enjoyed the service and started reading the Bible for myself. I also found that faith in Jesus was reasonable given all of the evidence I'd learned about through my reading outside of the Bible. Over a few of months, I also learned that Jesus offers forgiveness. I didn’t have to clean myself up or be good enough for him to love me. I prayed that God would forgive me for my past mistakes and give me a fresh start. I told him I would follow Him and His teachings from then on. In almost an instant, I felt washed clean of all the pain that had layered up on me and was filled with his Holy Spirit. In a word, I felt free. I felt born again just like John 3:3 says.
Since then, almost all of my relationships have been restored. I’ve asked as many people as I could track down to forgive me for my mistakes. My anxiety is gone and has been transformed into peace because I know that God loves me and holds me in the palm of his hand. I also eventually married the friend who invited me to church. We have since been blessed with a son. I now experience a simple and meaningful life filled with His joy and love. 
Another outcome of this change is that I care about people even more than before. My faith is one of my main motivations for my teaching, coaching, writing, and speaking.
Recommended DVD/Book:
I highly recommend a great DVD/Book, The Case for Christ by Lee Strobel. It is an informative and thorough investigation into the historical evidence, non-Christian writings, and archeology that corresponds to the New Testament’s account of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection. Strobel’s materials appeal to people who need to be convinced by logic, reason, and evidence before they are prepared to take a step of faith. You can get used copies on Amazon for pennies plus shipping.