How to Give Feedback Effectively:

RISE UP (with Workbook)

Brief Description:

Learn to provide helpful, constructive, and positive feedback to a colleague and people around you.

About this course:

In this class, you’ll learn How to Deliver Feedback Effectively. We are constantly giving and receiving feedback at work. Giving feedback is one of the Top 10 Communication Skills employers want their people to have.

What You'll Learn:

  • You'll learn to provide helpful ongoing positive feedback to those around you.
  • You'll learn to give constructive or corrective feedback for numerous situations.
  • You'll learn to respond effectively if a colleague asks you “What do you think?" about their performance
  • You'll learn to provide a peer or newer employee who needs help on an ongoing area of concern.
  • You'll learn to start a conversation about an ambiguous or sensitive issue without damaging your professional relationships

The class is filled with concrete examples, templates, sentence starters, and illustrations to help you craft your own feedback messages. Alex, the instructor, takes a hands-on and practical approach and gives actionable tips you can put into practice immediately. 

Who is the Class For?

The class was designed for individual contributors, team members, and veteran professionals are often expected to provide feedback to peers or newer employees.

Note: if you are already a seasoned supervisor, the class may teach skills you are already familiar with.


Be sure to download the workbook and follow along with the lessons!

You can go through the class as an individual but it's also designed to experience with an entire team.

This class is part of the Rise Up series that looks at all of the Top 10 Skills employers want their people to have.

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